Thursday, August 19, 2010

Snacking outside the plate...

Sorry to have been so quiet... I was kind of excited to have had an even 100 posts... But here we go on our way to 200!! There has been plenty going on to tell about!

As you can clearly see, we are a family of eaters. We like food, and we like to try new things. When Little Girl first started eating solids she didn't seem that into it... I was worried... How can a child of mine not like food?! As it turns out, she seems to just not have been a fan of plain oatmeal. Not too big of a concern after all! (Just wait, Little Girl, until you have oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon when the weather gets cold again... yum!) So she likes to eat. She just isn't always interested in sitting down to do so... There is just too much to do and see, why waste time sitting still? So I call her my little grazer. I put a plate or bowl (plastic, to keep things safe!) on the coffee table in the living room, and she can snack throughout the day. A Cheerio here, a blueberry there... it's all good.
The other day, while Little Girl was in the kitchen with me, she started playing with one of the cupcake tins. She put a few "O's" into a cup, then picked them out, smiling up at me. I was so impressed! Clever girl!! So she now has a new snack tray! This way she can have a little bit of pretty much everything she likes, and she doesn't get as frustrated trying to tell me what she wants. She also likes, as you can see, mixing and matching her snacks in infinite ways in the cups of the tray.
So while this might not be any sort of groundbreaking discovery or the most creative thing in the world, it has been yet another layer of fun seeing how Little Girl's mind works and watching her adapt to and with the world around her!!

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