Monday, July 19, 2010

International flair...

Take a little bit of Mexican, a little bit of Italian, add in a Jewish-American cook, and you get a mixed up, but yummy meal! Tonight's dinner was a Mexican lasagna. Well, Mexican is probably an over-reach... Americanized version of Mexican...

One thing that had been a combination of fun and interesting recently is that Little Girl is now eating almost everything we are. This means that I am no longer making multiple meals every night of the week. It also means, though, that the meals I do make have to be a little on the blander side so as not to knock Little Girl's socks off. To that end the sauce I used for the "lasagna" was a combination of mild salsa and plain old diced tomatoes. I know that Little Girl isn't really a tomato fan anyway, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't making the whole dish too spicy.

I took the "lazy" route today and used store bought tortillas. I just didn't have it in me to make them from scratch. No, they weren't as good, but they worked well, saved me time and energy, and let Little Girl and me have a nice day playing with Auntie Twin and Little Miss, so it all worked out. I did decide also to add spinach into the lasagna. I happen to love spinach, as does Hubby. And I thought Little Girl did, too, but...

So I layered away - sauce, tortillas, spinach, a combination of black and kidney beans and shredded cheese. Then repeat. Top layer of tortillas was smothered with sauce and cheese, then the whole thing went into the oven to get nice and toasty.

Hubby and I loved the dish. Little Girl loved most of it. The tortillas, beans and cheese were a big hit. The tomatoes? Well, I knew those weren't a favorite, so I didn't push it. The spinach? At least three times she let me put some in her mouth and then promptly removed it. I was shocked! She had eaten - and enjoyed! - spinach before... Oh well... She is allowed to change her mind... I just hope she changes it back!!

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  1. What a great idea for a dish. You've combined some of my favourite foods.